Frequently Asked Questions re Financial Planning

  • How do I benefit from receiving financial planning advice? +

    A professional financial planner can work with you to set you on a path to enable you to achieve your life long goals. We help you focus on what’s important to you and the best way to get there. Other benefits of advice include but are not limited to

    • Can provide a tax effective manner to achieve goals
    • Protects your family and your lifestyle
    • Ongoing Financial planning Advice is generally tax deductible.
    • Understand Financial products and pathways to achieving a happy stable life and a comfortable retirement.
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  • How do I know that you are recommending appropriate solutions that will meet my needs? +

    Whilst we are required to chose products from an approved product list after fully researching the recommendations, it is very relevant to note that we are independently owned.

    In other words we are not owned by a Life Insurance company or Bank and are not obligated to use our “own” products because we don’t own any products.

    We work with you in mind at all times. Also we rebate all commissions on investment products and charge you a fee to remove the possibility of any conflict of interest on those products.

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  • How Much does your advice cost? +

    Life Insurance and Income protection Advice is generally fee free. All other Financial Planning Initial Appointments involve meeting with prospective clients, collecting information and assessing their needs.

    We charge a nominal fee of $350.00 for this service. Statements of advice cost from $1500.00 depending on the nature of the advice.  We can usually give you an estimate of the cost of the advice which is tailored to your needs. There is no obligation to proceed beyond the initial meeting.

    Life Insurance Advice is covered by commissions received from the product provider. Some clients may prefer to negotiate a fee for service in which case the commission will be waived.

    Any out of pocket costs are discussed at the initial appointment and are agreed before any work is commenced.

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  • Is Financial Planning Advice Tax Deductible? +

    Initial Financial Planning Advice is not generally tax deductible. However ongoing financial planning advice is generally tax deductible.

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  • What are you able to give advice about? +

    • Financial Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Superannuation
    • Investments
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Personal Life Insurance Products ie. Income Protection, Life, Total and Permanent Disablement and Trauma Business Expenses
    • Managed Funds
    • Estate Planning
    • Tax Effective Strategies
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  • What are your Qualifications? +

    When you deal with us you benefit from Ben's professional approach and many years of hands on experience and formal education.

    Ben Trim has completed a Masters Degree in Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Commerce and a certificate IV in Mortage Broking and Finance

    Ben won the course prize in FinancialPlanning at Griffith University and also The Griffith Award for Academic excellence in 2002. He is also a member of the Golden Key Society.

    Ben is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers with 15 years experience as a financial planner and over 25 years experience running his own small business. He has extensive knowledge of small business compliance.

    He is the director of Infinite Financial Solutions Pty Ltd which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lionsgate Financial Group, which is a non aligned and privately owned financial services business.

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  • What if I have to make a claim? +

    At Infinite we try to make this process as easy as possible for you.

    In the first instance all clients are encouraged to contact us and inform us of your claim. We will arrange claim forms to be sent to you and assist you with form preparation and liaise with the insurers claims department all at NO COST TO YOU.

    At Infinite we pride ourselves on our FREE Claims Management Service

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  • What information do you maintain in my file and can I examine my file? +

    We maintain a record of your personal profile which includes details of your investment objectives, financial situation and needs. Files are maintained both physically and electronically.

    We also maintain records of any recommendations made to you and full details of investments placed on your behalf. This includes all correspondence to and from you.

    If you wish to examine your file, please ask us, and we will make arrangements for you to do so in accordance with the Privacy legislation principals.

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  • What should I know about any risks of the investments or investment strategies you recommend to me? +

    Our initial appointment is part of an essential educational process which is designed to help you understand all aspects of your investment, including any risks involved.

    We will explain to you any significant risks of the investments and strategies which we recommend to you both in our meeting and in a written statement of advice.

    If we do not do so, or you do not understand then you should ask us to explain those risks again to you.

    Contact us Now for assistance.

    investment advice

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  • Where are you located? +

    We are based in Windaroo, Queensland about 45 minutes south of Brisbane and approximately half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

    Appointments can be arranged at your home and if you live remotely we can arrange teleconferences or Skype Appointments.

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  • How much do I need to retire on +

    How much money you require to fund retirement will depend on what you feel you need to live off once you have retired. It's impacted by things like how long you will live, your health and the standard of living you require. The ASFA suggests to support a comfortable lifestyle for a couple with annual living costs of $59,619 you would need in excess of  $640,000 in retirement savings plus apart pension. Or another way to estimate your likely annual living costs would be to assume you will need 67% of your preretirement income in order to maintain the same standard of living.

    Source: ASFA Retirement Standard, September Quarter 2016

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