If we become sick or have an accident and can’t work our income stops but the bills keep rolling in.

How are you going to manage to pay the mortgage your car loans and provide for your family. There is a very simple affordable solution called income protection insurance.

Income protection will provide a monthly benefit that will enable you continue to meet your ongoing commitments should a catastrophe occur and you can’t work.

Income protection has a waiting period starting from as low as 14 days and flexible benefit periods to meet your needs such as two years five years to age 65.

If you are a small business owner you may also wish to consider business expense insurance which will pay a benefit for certain business expenses in the event you can’t work due to sickness or accident.

Premiums for income insurance are generally tax-deductible.


Have you considered how your family would manage financially in the event you were to die prematurely become disabled or sick and unable to work.

There are a range of affordable insurance options that will give you the peace of mind that you are at least covered financially should something go wrong. Talk to our friendly staff now about:

  • income protection
  • term life insurance
  • total and permanent disability insurance
  • medical recovery insurance

How would you cope financially if one of your children developed a life threatening disease. Would you be able to afford to have time off work to spend with that child caring for them or being with them in hospital?

Child Medical Recovery

If one of your children suffered froma serious childhood disease would you like to be able to have some time off work and not worry about having enough sick or annual leave? Did you know that you are able insure your children for serious childhood illnesses? You are able to add child medical recovery insurance to cover your children to your term life or medical recovery insurance

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